Silvia Lazarova

Do you really know what’s in that bottle?
•    Antibacterial soap –Triclosan (C12H7Cl3O2) is absorbed through the skin and is linked to liver damage. It also may weaken your immune system, decrease fertility, hormone disruption and could cause birth defects. Triclosan mixed with the chlorine in tap water forms deadly chlorinated dioxins.
•    Air Freshener – actually stops you from smelling! It coats your sinuses with an oily film. It releases nerve deadening agents like formaldehyde (CH2O) which is a carcinogen that causes allergic reactions, joint and chest pain, depression, fatigue, dizziness and immune disfunction!
•    Oven Cleaner – it can contain sodium hydroxide (HNaC) that is so corrosive it can eat through the top layer of your skin. Do not breathe the fumes! They’re absolutely caustic for your lungs. Oven cleaner also contains benzene (C6H6), toluene (C6H5CH3), methanol (CH4O) and ethyl benzene (C8H10) which are all known carcinogens.
Even after you wipe it out (and do you ever get it all wiped out?) the residue releases toxic fumes into the kitchen next time you heat the oven. The next meal you put in an oven tastes like nasty chemicals. Is a clean oven worth potential health risks?
•    Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners – Perchlorethylene (C2Cl4) – dry cleaning fluid, is a known carcinogen that’s harmful to your liver, kidneys and damaging to your nervous system. Ammonium hydroxide (H5NO) is corrosive, extremely irritating to your eyes, skin and respiratory passages.
*These fumes cause dizziness, sleepiness, nausea, loss of appetite and disorientation.
•    Drain Cleaners – Chemical drain openers sometimes contain lye which can burn skin and eyes, your esophagus and stomach if ingested. They contain hydrochloric acid (HCl) which is a corrosive eye and skin irritant that damages your kidneys, liver, and your digestive tract. Some contain trichloroethane (C2H3Cl3) – a nervous system depressant.
•    Toilet Bowl Chemicals – Highly toxic chemicals contain hydrochloric acid (HCl) which burns your skin and eyes, and damages your kidneys and liver. Others contain hypochlorite bleach that is corrosive to eyes, skin and lungs.
*They cause vomiting and pulmonary edema if inhaled which is kind of inevitable since you use them primarily in small, windowless rooms.
•    Window Cleaning Fluid – That blue stuff is mainly ammonia (NH3), which is a volatile chemical that can damage your eyes, respiratory tract, and skin.
Window cleaning fluid also contains (you’ll love this) oil. Now just tell me how we think glass is going to get clean and streak-free when we just sprayed oil all over it? That makes no sense!

Enough Already! Who would willingly subject their family to this stuff?