Scientifically proven

strain 229E

Reduction of virus contamination

% reduction after

contact time on surfaces

Average Percent Virus reduction on surfaces after 30 seconds
100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0%
Virus detected!

With a contact time of only 30 seconds on any surfaces, the EV International steam cleaning systems are certified as 100% VIRUCIDAL against human CORONAVIRUS by the accredited laboratory SANA Srl., Italy.

The results obtained by the laboratory test UNI EN ISO 16777:2018 show the reduction of the virus viability by more than 4 log after spraying EV H2O2 SILVER BIO with the SANIX System for 4-5 seconds on the test surface i.e. the viral titre was not detected.

We have The Silver Bullet against Coronavirus when it comes to surface disinfection!

The unique combination of EV Steam Generators, SANIX Thermo fogger and EV H2O2 Silver Bio and EV H2O2 Silver Spary is a powerful weapon against Human Coronavirus 229E. It is a 100% certified virucidal efficacy system. All this is possible due to the right way of mixing hot dry steam and a disinfectant at the same time. Just attach the SANIX Thermo fogger to the EV steam generators and perform the fastest disinfection of all surfaces. Coronavirus can not be wiped out but it could be removed by fogging with our system, which is scientifically proven. Adding a biological detergent with silver ions makes the fogging possible even if humans are around. No need of using face masks, protective suits or gloves.

A 100% safe way of killing viruses and bacteria. When using the 3-tier combination you can give yourself, your customers and your clients piece of mind.

The EV SANIX System could be used with:

EV H2O2 Silver Bio concentrate at 2,5 % is a combination of hydrogen peroxide and silver ions. Its biodegradable nature makes it effective for both commercial and home use. The combination of the antimicrobial silver with the potent oxidizer makes EV H2O2 Silver Bio strong and eco-friendly disinfectant. EV H2O2 Silver Bio is a detergent, suitable for sanitizing all kinds of floors, washable surfaces, equipment and fabrics. Due to the action of the hydrogen peroxide with silver ions it has decontaminating, disinfecting, virucidal, bactericidal, mycobactericidal and fungicidal effect.

Particularly suitable for sanitation, in catering as well as in hospitals, nursing homes, doctors and dentist offices, gyms, public transportation, theaters and cinemas, hotels and restaurants, schools and kindergartens, shops and supermarkets, etc. For thermo fogging against human coronavirus mix 150 ml EV H2O2 Silver Bio and 350 ml water in the EV SANIX bottle (0,83 % as certified by accredited EU laboratory).

Composed only of water and oxygen, hydrogen peroxide has been known as the world’s safest sanitizer. Like ozone, it is known for killing microorganisms by oxidizing them, its mode of action is best explained as a controlled burning process.

Silver ions have a toxic effect on virus, bacteria and fungi cells. They denaturize the enzymes of the target cells and inactivate them. On contact with microorganisms, the silver ions start to activate the hydrogen peroxide, this accounts for an excellent disinfection for a long period of time. The combination of hydrogen peroxide and silver ions makes the EV H2O2 Silver Bio nearly twenty times more powerful than hydrogen peroxide alone, because a great amount of silver ions are involved in the cell destruction process.

Advantages of the silver ions in the hydrogen peroxide:

  • They attach themselves to the surface of the cell membrane, interrupting permeability and metabolic pathways.
  • They interact with the membrane surface and penetrate the virus, bacterial or fungi cell membrane.
  • They can bind to the DNA, rearrange and destroy its structure inside the microbial cells, preventing further replication.
  • They can damage the bacterial cell membrane structure and reduce the activity of some membranous enzymes.
  • They destroy further production of enzymes required for cellular metabolism.

Silver ions continue to protect for hours after applied on surfaces.

EV H2O2 Silver Bio has many benefits and the most important are:

  • Effective over a large range of microorganisms.
  • Multifunctional sanitation for air, water, soil and surfaces.
  • Efficient Fungicide, Virucide, Nematicide and destroys biofilms.
  • Does not emit harmful fumes (unlike chlorine, bromine, formalin and aldehydes).
  • Free of carcinogenic aldehydes.
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable, nontoxic, nonpolluting and non-staining in nature.
  • Rapid sterilization unlike other traditional methods.
  • Silver peroxide works on a short contact time, 30 seconds.
  • Long lasting disinfection with no toxic residues.
  • Does not require rinsing at the end of the application. High thermo-stability, non-flammable.

The right way of mixing steam with disinfectant

  • The revolutionary EV SANIX system is based on the Venturi injector module, which is exactly why it is different than all other thermo fogging systems. The steam and the disinfectant are ejected separately and get mixed together in a non-pressurized chamber inside the module where the properties and the structural integrity is not lost and the disinfecting power of the agent remains active.
  • In this way you can reduce the time for disinfection from hours to seconds.

  • Most thermo fogging devices on the market are not specially designed to release high temperature steam and a disinfectant agent all at once. Due to wrong way of mixing the disinfectant molecule properties change once they interact with the hot steam and become inactive. The active compounds of most disinfectants are not thermoresistant. The result is the disinfection you are looking for cannot be guaranteed anymore.