Benefits from 150 °C - 170 °C (305 °F - 340 °F) saturated dry steam:

  • Fat dissolving
  • 100% Disinfection
  • Bacteria eradication
  • Odor neutralization
  • Human health and environment protection from chemicals

Above all it is easier, faster and more ecologically clean!

Automatic refilling system -
unlimited autonomy

EV 3000i has two water chambers:

  • a non-pressurized water tank
  • a pressurized steam boiler

That allows you to add water into the unit while it’s still on. EV 3000i is equipped with an electronic level sensor that refills the boiler when the level of the water inside is not enough. As a result, the unit avoids drops in pressure and temperature during the operation.

Four safety systems

Pressure switch - electromechanical component set up to 7 bars (101.6 Psi). It turns off the heating elements when the pressure reaches 7 bars (101.6 Psi).

Safety valve - it lets steam out when the pressure in the boiler exceeds 7.8 bar (113.1 Psi).

Thermostat - in case the temperature exceeds 175 °C (347 °F), the thermostat turns off the heating elements.

Thermofusible - in case the temperature reaches 220 °C (428 °F), the unit switches off automatically, thanks to the thermofusible.


EV 3000i has a blue digital customized display made out of liquid crystal. The 32 characters on the display show different features like:

  • Welcome message
  • Temperature in °C and °F
  • Service option
  • H2O (water) level
  • Steam and NO steam option
  • Additional accessories (when attached)

Whole body 100% AISI 304 INOX - stainless steel with life guarantee against corrosion

We are very proud that the EV 3000i is the only unit on the market with 100% stainless steel top and bottom body. Very solid shell with 1.2 mm thickness and 1.5 kg each part, comparing to other competitor units with only 0.6 to 0.8 mm thickness and complete or half body with normal steel. Just by knocking on the outside of the EV 3000i you will “hear” the difference in the quality, or you can do a magnet test and try to attach it to the outer upper or lower shell. It does not stick on the stainless steel. The top and bottom shell of the EV 3000i are all mirror polished. There are 12 different steps in the polishing procedure until this impressive result is reached.

Patented bi-solenoid valve
with auto-cleaning system

Thanks to the EV’s bi-solenoid valve, the amount of steam can be adjusted in 3 different levels. This allows the cleaning of different types of surfaces. EV 3000i is the only steam unit that uses the bi-solenoid valve with self-cleaning system and protects it from limescale clogging.

100% heating efficiency -
from the very bottom to the top

The heating elements are made out of Incoloy 800, a material designed for high temperature applications. It resists up to 750 °C (1382 °F) and will not become embrittled even after a long period of use. Each boiler is provided with a specially designed high efficiency heating element that allows a short startup time (14 W/cm²). Due to the spiral shape and whole surface coverage EV 3000i uses 100% of the heating efficiency.Тhis is the reason for the low electricity consumption of 1650 W or 2000 W.

Patented DOME BOILER made of
100% AISI 304 INOX - stainless steel

The shape of the boiler itself is very important feature of our EV 3000i. All other competitor companies are using rectangular boilers. The specially designed steam dome at the top of EV’s boiler makes it possible to store a very large amount of dry steam ready for use. The other advantage of the dome is that the steam is drawn from its uppermost part, where it is impossible to retain water. This eliminates the probability of water spraying out of the steam nozzle during the operation as it happens with most of the other units on the market.

Hot water ejection – Advanced technology

When cleaning certain specific places, sometimes it is necessary to use water along with steam. Most dry steam cleaners take this water directly from the boiler because they do not have the technology to extract the water from the water tank. This means that when the water from the boiler decreases, the temperature drops very quickly and using steam becomes impossible after 30 seconds. Then you have to stop and wait until the temperature in the boiler goes up and reaches the necessary pressure to operate again.
EV 3000i has an additional water pump when the water ejection is needed. The water is pumped out of the non-pressurized tank and mixed with the steam. Thus, the steam quality, the pressure and the temperature remain unchanged even after 10 minutes of using this function.

Protective devices

  • Pressure switch
  • Safety valve
  • Thermofusible
  • Thermostat with automatic re-charge
  • Thermostat “One-shot”
  • Protective class IP24
  • Electronic control of the heating power
  • Electronic control of the water level in the boiler
  • Electronic control of the water level in the refilling tank


EV International is investing a large amount of resources every year to improve the features of the production. The company is working with the most important institution like IQ Net, Intertek, Advanced Analytical Technologies, Dekra, Edison Testing Laboratories - ETL, etc. E V International Ltd. informs you that the quality standards of our production and the security of the customers are guaranteed by the following certificates.

Technical data

  • Working temperature -170 ºC (340 ºF)
  • Steam capacity production -110 g (3.9 oz) per minute
  • Power supply -110 - 120 V and 220 - 240 V - 50/60 Hz
  • Мax. total working power -1650 W and 2850 W
  • Мax. boiler power -1650 W and 2000 W
  • Мax. iron power -850 W
  • Voltage in the starting buttons -12 V
  • Voltage in the iron switch button -12 V
  • Boiler capacity -2,2 l (0.58 gallon)
  • Capacity of the refilling tank -2,1 l (0.56 gallon)
  • Maximum pressure * -8 bar (116 Psi)
  • Test pressure -10 bar (145 Psi)
  • Weight -6.5 kg (14 lbs)
*Maximum pressure is the pressure at which the safety valve is activated.
It does not correspond to the operating pressure.

Dry steam

What does “saturated dry steam” mean?

When the water is heated above 100 °C (212 °F), it is converted into steam and even at 130 °C (285 °F) the steam still contains large amount of moisture.

Saturated dry steam has a temperature ranging from 140 °C (284 °F) to 180 °C (356 °F) and pressure above 6 bars (87 Psi). It contains only 3 to 5% moisture and leaves everything you clean completely sanitized and dry in seconds.

EV 3000i

EV 3000i is an innovative and high-tech, eco cleaning system. It is a result of longtime experience and extensive technological research.
We have created EV 3000i for you as a perfect device and have equipped it with professional accessories. The technology allows you to clean with the power of dry steam. The secret is the combination of dry steam, pressure and high temperature. All you need is tap water to clean your home and business.
Using dry steam is one of the most efficient ways to remove stubborn dirt and stains in seconds, without physical efforts, scrubbing and damaging the surfaces.

EV 3000i can help you clean in the most hassle-free way so you can focus on the important things in your life. You will be amazed by the results.