Is cleaning with Bleach harmful for our pets?

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dog lying on the floor

Is it safe to use cleaning products like bleach and ammonia inside your home? Is it okay to leave them around where your pet can get into them? While these substances are used all the time in daily cleaning routines, they are harmful to both humans and our canine companions.

Dogs, cats, and other pets are curious creatures that often end up drinking or chewing on the wrong things. Since they are smaller, they are closer to carpets, floors and other surfaces that may be treated with harmful cleaning products. Some of these may not be poisonous in small amounts, but accidentally ingesting bleach or ammonia can be lethal.

Bleach contains various chemical components, including sodium hypochlorite. When combined with many common household substances, chlorine gas is produced. Chlorine gas is a strong irritant that when inhaled can cause symptoms like coughing and shortness of breath. If ingested, chlorine gas can cause skin burns and blindness. Other symptoms of toxicity include heavy drooling, redness and irritation on the skin, coughing, lethargy, stomach pain, vomiting and others.

If you are considered for your pet’s health and you want to find a more natural and ecological way to keep your home sparkling clean you are in the right place! Dry steam is an eco-friendly alternative to bleach that can be used for cleaning all kinds of surfaces around your home. It is not only effective in killing bacteria and reducing mold but also completely safe for both you and your best friend.

EV ATLANTIS uses only tap water and converts it into pure dry steam. It can prevent water and ground contamination for a safer and more sustainable environment.

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