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The exceptional functions make this fantastic device to be used also for air purification. After having guests for dinner, after family fest or after a business meeting, the function for air purification will give back the fresh air as, eliminate the smoke and the bad smells. Besides purifying and humidifying the air, it may also be aromatized as you put a few drops of natural essence into the tank.


The steam inhalation is a procedure, which is eased obstruction in cases of bronchitis, cold and other respiratory and sinus related diseases. It opens the sinuses and the pulmonary paths and helps you to get free of the secretion, to breathe easier and to recover more quickly. Into the appliance/affix you may put sea salt, sodium bicarbonate, dried or fresh herbs, or herb oils to make the effect of the inhalation more

 helpful. One pack of Camomile herb tea is the perfect steam bath for your face.


The geyser function allows the device to be used as one of the most powerful generators of steam worldwide and under constant steam release. The power of the device ensures perfect cleanness and the appliance may dissolve even the most stubborn dirt to be eliminated without using of dangerous solutions or polluting chemical supplements. This is an environmentally friendly electrical appliance!


Clogged drainage are no more a problem for you! Forget about the boring cleaning of the drainage, in the old and exhaustive way! QUICK, CLEAN, SAFE, ECOLOGICAL, WITH QUALITY!!! Unclog the problem drainage, using a technology from the future – EV 3000i! Due to the combination of high pressure (8 Bar) and high temperature it makes a vacuum, which cleans the drainage quick and easy. Try and you will see how a nasty and at the same time hazardous for the health activity /taking into consideration the chemicals for cleaning/ could be made in an easy way!


It is a powerful system for semi-professional steam, dry an vertical ironing with excellent quality.