Tips for proper operation of the steam cleaner reaching high temperature

  • The power and steam force is in your hands, ready to ensure an unparalleled cleanliness and hygiene!
  • To avoid the risk of burnings, do not touch the steam jet with the hand, keep the steam jet away from the feet of people or animals.
  • Do not use the steam jet directly on furniture dressed in leather, faux leather, suede, and on very delicate fabrics and surfaces.
  • Do not direct the steam directly to electrical appliances or that ones containing electrical components.
  • Always adjust the steam jet towards the surface for cleaning.
  • Never try to clean with the steam surfaces made of pressed paper or cardboard.
  • For cleaning of parquet, laminate, use a low-pressure steam.
  • Clean painted surfaces quickly. Do not hold the steam jet at one point. Use only a little steam.
  • To take fully advantage of the cleaning power of steam, clean the surface in little sections until the complete dissolving of the contamination.