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General Vapeur Company

1978 A distinguished italian Entrepreneur understands the importance of steam for the domestic cleaning, sterilizing and sanitizing, he wants to create products that would enable people to live better and healthier in perfect harmony with the ecosystem.

Starts the research and the project for manufacturing low pressure steam generators in cooperation with Engineers and the best
University Qualified Consultants.

1985 Foundation of the General Vapeur Company. Following years of success with the sales of millions of steam generators.

1990 The second and third successful products were launched on the market: a thermo-suction iron board for professional ironing machines plus the Kit Visage (Thermal system sanitizer, facial beauty, respiratory treatment and foot care). Both products were designed and produced to meet the exact specifications of the customer.

1995 Re-engineering of General Vapeur organization to interact more effectively with developing worldwide markets. At the same time re-engineering of technical and manufacturing departments by recruiting highly qualified manpower. A Total 3 Millions of unit sold, during the year, under the Brand name of LADY VAP.

2000 The Company obtains the UNI EN ISO 9002 Certifications.

2001 The Company was converted into a Stock Corporation thank to its size, network, organization structure, financial and Marketing capacities.

2006 General Vapeur develops a new range of products to enter in the profitable professional and industriai business opportunity.

Today General Vapeur with its total production is the Leader in Eco Cleaning, domestic, professional and industriai equipment.

2012 General Vapeur's restructuration is completed with the closing up of the Bergamo factory and transferring the whole production and administration activities to the new factory Head Office, situated in Albairate- Milan.

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Stanley Kolev Ltd.

In 2000 Stanley Kolev Ltd. begins its activity in the area of direct marketing and direct sales in Hamburg, Germany. After months of success and hundreds of successful sales, on the 10th of September of the same year Stanley Kolev Ltd. wins the prestigious “Silver Award”, which demonstrates the successful commercial flair and the correct approach of the company with respect to direct sales.

In 2001 Stanley Kolev Ltd. successfully meets the requirements of ADDP and receives an „Area Distributor Development Program” Certificate. In June of the same year Stanley Kolev Ltd. wins VIP Trip Marbella Spain.

In March 2003, Stanley Kolev Ltd. becomes „Distributor Trainee”. In June of the same year it wins, once again VIP Trip Marbella Spain, in September - VIP Trip Barcelona Spain, and in December 2003 – VIP Trip Fuerte Ventura

On the 14th of April 2004 Stanley Kolev Ltd. wins the prestigious „24 Plus Award”, which turns the company into a deserving member of the group of famous and distinguished professionals in direct sales. In April of the same year, Stanley Kolev Ltd. participates in „Master Class Marbella”. In June 2004, Stanley Kolev Ltd. is already a recognized „Factory Distributor”. In the same month it wins VIP Trip Budapest, and in October - VIP Trip New York.

In 2005 Stanley Kolev Ltd. opens 5 new offices in Braunschweig, Kassel, Bremen, Oldenburg and Lübeck, Germany. More than a 100 employees work in each office, dealing with direct marketing and direct sales. Months of success from thousands of successful sales follow. In June of the same year Stanley Kolev Ltd.wins VIP Trip Marbella Spain, in December - VIP Trip Barbados. In September the company participates in „Master Class Rom”.

In June 2006 Stanley Kolev Ltd. wins VIP Trip Marbella Spain, in September of the same year – VIP Trip Los Angeles.

In April 2007 Stanley Kolev Ltd. participates in „Master Class Rom”, and in June, the company wins VIP Trip Riga. On the 31st of November the same year,Stanley Kolev Ltd. wins a „Five Diamond Medallion” Certificate. In this certificate, the diamonds symbolize the abilities, ambition, dedication, determination and loyalty in the developing company.

In 2008 Stanley Kolev Ltd. continues its activities successfully in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In August 2009 Stanley Kolev Ltd. wins VIP Trip Caribbean Islands.

2010- 2012 Stanley Kolev Ltd. successfully expands its activity in Greece, Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Finland, Republic of South Afrika.

ev-international - Sample 3 for three columns E V International Ltd.

In 2012 General Vapeur Company and Stanley Kolev Ltd. decide to combine their years of experience in the production of high-quality products and in direct marketing and direct sales.

In 2013 General Vapeur Company and Stanley Kolev Ltd. create a new international company - E V International Ltd., which distributes the „EV“ products. The goal of the new company for the next five years is to expand its activities in more than 30 countries across the world. E V International Ltd. is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. the factory facilites are in Milan, Italy. Over 250 employees work for the company. They are professionals in the field of production of modern household technologies for household cleaning without chemicals, and in the field of direct marketing and sales. The production line of EV 3000i starts in May 2013. 

E V International Ltd. starts the direct sales of the product first in Sofia, Bulgaria. A couple of months later in Kazakhstan and Mongolia.
In the following year more than 15 European countries are already selling the EV 3000i.
Russia joins the team of E V International Ltd. in the beginning of 2015. At the end of the same year a grand opening follows in the USA. More than 30 independent distributors open up their offices.
Until the middle of 2016 E V International Ltd. gains 4 new partners in Italy, Switzerland, Kyrgyzstan and Portugal.
The success story continues to be written. 

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