The kitchen is the center of all kinds of your family’s best activities – it’s where everybody gathers. Kid’s doing homework at the kitchen table, meals, snacks, treats…it all happens here. It’s no wonder, of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen always needs the most attention.

EV 3000i melts through even the worst baked-on, caked-on greasy spills with ease. All it takes is a scouring pad positioned on the big round plastic brush and the EV will get your whole oven clean and ready to cook up something new.

Even the toughest, ickiest jobs like the oven, stove, microwave, tile grout, and oven tops are no longer agonizing tasks.

No chemicals, no fumes, no rubber gloves, no long self-cleaning cycles that heat up the whole kitchen and use tons of electricity. Even the glass and the edge outside of the insulation will be sparkling clean again. Bon appetite!

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