The choices we make every day

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During the month of the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, we want to remind you about 7 small choices we can make in our daily lives, that can make a positive impact on both our own lives and nature.

It is the small things we make every day that lead to lasting change. Here we won’t talk about New Year’s resolutions or some drastic changes, but about the small habits that depend on each of us.

We have heard most of them countless times, but we often forget to do them. And what better occasion than Earth Day, a holiday behind which we can all unite, to recall them.

Here are the 7 useful and very “eco” things from our daily lives that we can start doing today:

   1. If you do not use it, turn it off

It will take us only two seconds to unplug unused chargers and appliances, but it will reduce the energy we use.

Saving enegy

  2. The eco-friendly alternative

Another way to reduce your carbon footprint is to use one of the many eco-friendly alternatives. A good example of this is the replacement of ordinary light bulbs with fluorescent ones, which use 75% less energy.

  3. Don’t leave it on overnight

When we leave our phones or tablets to charge for a longer time, we consume more energy and damage their batteries.

  4. Every drop makes a difference

Rarely in our daily lives do we think about how to save water, we take it for granted. But in fact, it is a valuable and scarce resource for the planet.

There are easy ways to reduce its consumption. In addition to turning off the faucet while brushing our teeth, we can use the unused water to water the plants at home.

  5. More Movement

If it’s under a 15-minute walk, walk or ride a bike.

  6. Enough with this plastic

Most of it is for single-use, ending up in landfills or littering the environment — never to be reused or recycled.

Therefore, we can always choose to use а reusable water bottle and reusable shopping bag. Thus, in addition to protecting nature, we will not pay unnecessarily every time we go to the store.

reusable shopping bag

  7. Plants are not only pretty

They can remove toxins from the air, increase humidity and improve our health.

These small changes won’t burden us or drastically change our daily lives. On the contrary, some of them will help us save money and take care of our physical health.

Let’s take the first steps together for a greener future.