Professional solution for your home

Patented dry steam cleaning system

From the idea to the reality

ECO Friendly GREEN Technology


dry steam

Contains only 5% to 10% water

high temperature

150°C – 170°C (305°F – 340°F)


7 bars working pressure

The best choice ever


If you’re like the average person, there are probably 20 different cleaning chemicals sitting side by side under your kitchen sink.


The average person in the western world uses anywhere around 100 gallons of water per day.

clean your entire home with EV

Cleaning with dry steam is completely natural and an environmentally friendly method of DEEP CLEANING, It removes even the most stubborn deposits of dirt without using dissolving detergents.

Clean means healthy

In a few seconds, the dry steam kills Dust mites (and their eggs), Salmonella, E-coil, Staphylococcus and any other hard to pronounce little bug that might be breeding on your cutting boards.

What the people say about us

“The EV steam cleaner is awesome!”


 Kristin Thomas

“So excited to start using the EV3000i and stop using harmful chemicals in our home!”


Stacee Durrant Rivas‎ 

“Proud owner of my very own EVi 3000 steam cleaner. Thanks Joseph for doing business with my family. Germ free here we come.”


‎Mashae Cleveland

“I am a proud owner of a…. EV dry steam cleaner….that I am so happy that Tim came by today to show me this awesome machine…. Thank u Gina Torres…..I am so excited !!!!!”

‎‎Becky Gauna Adame‎

“Great demonstration given by Hunter Dennis. Really cleaned some grout we thought would never come clean. Can’t wait to steam clean my best portable water flosser!!!”


 Donti Greene Denice

“Forever in LOVE with the EV steamer!!!!!??? TIM did a wonderful job at demonstrating this product and I can’t see how we’ve CLEANED without it.”

Cecilia Pena‎

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The EV-olution


E V International Ltd. is based in Sofia, Bulgaria and the factory facilities are in Milan, Italy. Over 250 employees work for the company. They are professionals in the field of production of modern household technologies for household cleaning without chemicals, and in the field of direct marketing and sales. The production line of EV 3000i starts in May 2013.


Contact us

E V International Ltd.

Kostur 14A, 1618 Sofia, Bulgaria

+359 2 400 77 36;